Problems running


I tried to run on my machine (Ubuntu 11.10) with 2 USRPs

from one side I launched:

./ --tx-freq 2.4G --rx-freq 2.4001G -a=“name=dev1” -A TX/RX
–bitrate 500k -v
then :
sudo ifconfig gr0

from another terminal (on the same machine):

./ --rx-freq 2.4G --tx-freq 2.4001G -a=“name=dev0” -A TX/RX
–bitrate 500k -v

sudo ifconfig gr1

But when I run ping from both sides I see nothing displayed!
Is what I’ve done correct? Is it possible to use one machine? What did I
Can you help me plz!

Best Regards,


Is there a way to create a TCP/IP tunnel between 2 USRPs with one host
and stream video through it?


Quoting Nada ABDELKADER [email protected]:

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