Problems compiling testbench for USRP

Hello all,

I’ve been trying to use some of the test benches provided from Ettus’
site, in
the “fpga/tb” directory. I’m using Quartus II and ModelSim with the
version of the fpga code.

I’m assuming that fullchip_tb.v is the test bench for the full
fpga. However,
the test bench seems to be written for a different module; The test
doesn’t interface directly with usrp_std, and instead instantiates
The ports are similar to usrp_std, but not the same. Was the test bench
for something else?

Any additional info on the test benches (even a link) would be greatly


The USRP1 testbench code is not up to date with the design itself. You
would need to modify it to get it to work.