Problem writibg to temporary files

Hi folks,

       I have been facing problem while writing data to a temporary

I have the following code on my ubuntu machine:

 1. encrypted_content = @crypto_key.encrypt(
 2. tmpFile ="encrypted_file")
 3. tmpFile.write("#{encrypted_content}")
 4. # i tried this too tmpFile.write(encrypted_content)
 5. tmpFile.flush

After executing this code, I could only find an empty temporary file
under tmp/ directory in my file system. Why didn’t my code write the
content into my tmpFile?

when I replaced line 3 with the following: tmpFile.write(“hello world
!”), I could find the “hello world !” in my tmpFile. What could be the
reason? Did I go wrong any where? Any help appreciated


On Oct 10, 12:02 pm, Venkat B. [email protected] wrote:

 5. tmpFile.flush


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I have tried you code with just a string to store and it works fine.
I added a tmpFile.close to play nice.

From my perspective it looks like that
@crypto_key.encrypt( returns some object with empty
string as a result of to_s message or nil.
Generally, I will start from there to find what is going on.