Problem with UUID generated in partial not being unique


I’m using the “uuidtools” package to generate (hopefully) unique values
IDs within a partial (for products being added to an order form, where
nothing is saved to the DB until the end).

Unfortunately when I add a new product line (using RJS page.insert.html
rendering a partial) the new lines added all have the same UUID.

Here’s the code from the (top of the) partial -

If we have a new product added then we generate a UUID. If it is in
mode, and we have an existing database record we using the ID of the
as the ID.

When I generate the page initially it puts one product line in place.
It has
a UUID value. When I click my link to add a new line, it has a
UUID : but adding any further rows still use this second value.

Is there some sort of caching going on ? Or is there some other reason



Philip N.
ScotDB Limited
([email protected])

On 3 Apr 2008, at 23:30, Philip N. wrote:

rendering a partial) the new lines added all have the same UUID.

How exactly are you doing this? if it’s all happening client-side then
this is to be expected: the partial is only rendered once (how could
it be rendered more than once if there is no roundtrip to the server.


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