Problem with using super_in_place_controls

Anyone successfully used super_in_place_controls

I’ve tried to add them to my project, but whenever I update something it
sets the css display property of the element to none. When I refresh the
page it the text appears again but it doesn’t update to the new value.
Anyone had luck with this?

Also, if there’s another similar plugin out there that enables using
controls other than a text field (select, checkbox) and works well, I’d
be glad to hear about it.

After cleaning my vendor/plugins directory from in_place_editing which,
apparently, was conflicting with super_in_place_controls, everything
worked well.

Remember to keep in_place_edit_for inside the controller:

class ProductsController < ApplicationController

in_place_edit_for :product, :name



And in the view (well, partial):

<% @product = product %>
<%= in_place_text_field :product, :name %>

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