Problem with Transmitting bits

Hello Everyone,


I am trying to send bits from my Transmitter to Receiver.Attached is the
transmitter.As you can see there are two file sinks.So,here are the
questions i have…

1.When i write 1 bit to my msg_tx file i get to see no transmission
the USRP (I saw it with the help of other file sink). And it continues
show no transmission until i have 6 bits on the msg_tx file.It works
when i
have 7 and more bits.I thought may be it wants to transmit a Byte(8
bits) of
data.But,it transmits 7 bits also.Please explain why it is so…

2.The same with 9 bits of data on my msg_tx file,it transmits only 8
bits of
data and leaves other bits .It continues continues to do this until i
14 bits on my file…i.e for 14 bits,it transmits 8 bits only and leaves
other 6 bits …works fine for 15 and 16 bits.

3.When i put my File source to ‘NO REPEAT’ the transmission is none for
number of bits.Do i have make any changes in the .grc file for this to
work?Please explain.


please answer if you know how to fix these issues