Problem with the classify method from active support


I am create a gem and I have encounter a problem using active_support
3.x and the classify method from the Inflector module.

If i am using active_support version 2.3.x I am able to do so:

=> Car

But in ActiveSupport 3, things have changed a little. If I am reading
the module documentation
it should be working like this:

=> NoMethodError: undefined method `classify’ for

But it doesn’t work… I really don’t understand why I get the
NoMethodError as the method exists in the documentation and when I
autocomplete the inflections instance I have the classify method.

ps: i am not using Rails or the Rails Console

Does someone has any idea where this could come from?

On Sun, May 15, 2011 at 4:35 PM, Gregory Ma [email protected]


ps: i am not using Rails or the Rails Console

Does someone has any idea where this could come from?

The way to load Active Support changed with AS 3.0.0. I suspect your
code is loading active_support.rb, which is now really really light.
This is explained at the beginning of the Active Support Core
Extensions guide:

That’s focused on core extensions, but if you do not want to have the
String class extended with inflection methods, the same principles
apply to non-core extensions.

Thanks for the tip, it’s working.

Thanks again I have been able to fix this but I am encountering a new

If works fine with ActiveSupport 2.3.x mais but it doesn’t work 3.0.x
Here is the line:

board = :ruby_forum
klass = board.respond_to?(:classify) ? board.classify :

NoMethodError: undefined method `classify’ for ActiveSupport::Inflector:Module

This line doesn’t work in version 3 because it evaluates the last
condition, and the classify method doesn’t exist in version 3.

What trick could I use?

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