Problem with searching plurals (with apostrophe)

hello guys,

i am using acts_as_ferret plugin(0.4.1 Latest) with ferret gem(0.11.4
on rails 1.2.5 and ruby 1.8.6(UBUNTU Gutsy)
i have this
:Stores Model
acts_as_ferret :fields => {:name => { :boost => 2 ,:store => :yes},
:short_desc => { :boost => 1.5,:store =>
:yes },
:tag_list => {:boost => 1 },
:name_for_sort => {:index => :untokenized}

and i search using this code in my Stores controller

@products = Store.find_by_contents params[:q].to_s.upcase+“*”

for e.g i have a Stores with name as
“benhank’s coffee outlet”

when i search for “benhank” i get the resultant store as expected.
but when i search with param as “benhank’s” or “benhanks” —
i dont get anyresults.
atleast i shud have got the result for search with “benhank’s”
which is actually what is entered in :name field

how can i get this done. pls help
i have been trying to understand to use the analysers and tokenisers
but couldn’t get through.also looking at wildcardquery and fuzzy



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your problem is pretty much analyzers and tokenization related, so you
really should understand what happens there.

Tried the Ferret short cut pdf book from o’reilly?

In general you’ll need a stemming analyzer to strip plural endings from
words. Regarding the “'” - it’s a question of the tokenizer you’re using
whether the 's ending is considered to be part of the word it follows,
or ‘s’ is interpreted as a term of it’s own.


On Thu, Nov 15, 2007 at 10:56:12PM -0800, Jagdish rao wrote:

:yes },

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