Problem with ruby-debug

Linux Ubuntu
Ruby 1.8.6
Rails 2.0.2
ruby-debug 0.10.0
mongrel 1.1.3

Installed the ruby-debug gem, no problem, it also installed
ruby-debug-base as a dependency

added deb"ugger to a line in a controllor

started mongrel
brought up web page in firefox that would call the function in the
controllor that has debugger in it. The browser hangs indicating it has
hit a breakpoint

the console then displays

@drillerschoice = “choice”

which is right after the line with “debugger”

I get no (rdb:xx) debugger prompt and if I press any key I get a
message that mongrel has stopped.

in the development log

Processing DrillerController#index (for at 2008-02-02
13:59:34) [GET]
Session ID: fc1bf7ce7ba6669f9570a9812302d4dc
Parameters: {“action”=>“index”, “controller”=>“driller”}
Driller Columns (0.001163) SHOW FIELDS FROM drillers
Processing DrillerController#index (for at 2008-02-02
14:06:08) [GET]
Session ID: 05bdd2c0a0e7d34913a48d0195c4412a
Parameters: {“action”=>“index”, “controller”=>“driller”}

nothing in the log to indicate a problem?

any ideas whats up?


I added Debugger.start after the
require “ruby-debug”

and it works now

Is that normally required?

Is there another way?