Problem with routes.rb

I had developed an ROR application with the ruby 1.8.2 version. In that,
I had used the map.connect as the routing way(without parameters).

Ex: ” map.connect ’/login’, :controller => ‘login’, :action =>
‘user_login’ “

This is also working in the ruby 1.8.6 and with rails 1.2.3.

But passing the parameters in the routes like ” map.connect
’/login/change_password/:id’, :controller => ‘login’, :action =>
‘change_password’ ,:id=>/\d+/ ” which was working in the ruby version
1.8.2 and rails version of 1.1.__ is not working in the combination of
ruby 1.8.6 and rails 1.2.3.

* Create a new application in this environment (ruby 1.8.6 and rails

1.2.3.) and this parameter passing (Ex: map.connect ”/:slug”,
,:slug=>/\d+/) works.

I am trying to tell that the same application which used the map.connect
way to pass parameters and working in Ruby 1.8.2 is not working with
ruby 1.8.6 and rails 1.2.3

can anybody suggest a solution for this

I want the same application to be working in ruby 1.8.6