Problem with ri or me?

Hello –

I just installed Ruby a couple of days ago, and I have been going
tutorials, etc. One thing I can’t explain is that ri doesn’t seem to
on my system. I am running Ruby 1.8.6 on XP. I am trying to run ri
irb 0.9.5. (Both things are what I got when I did the simple install a
days ago.)

If I enter ri, I get something like “undefined method `ri’ for
from (irb):4”

What am I doing wrong?


Dave Miller

On Apr 2, 11:14 pm, “Dave Miller” [email protected] wrote:

What am I doing wrong?


Dave Miller

You run ri from the command line, not from within irb.

Welcome to Ruby.


ri is a command line tool.

I had the same confusion when I first got started!

In irb, you can type the object_name.methods
dot methods will give you a list of methods for the object.
This is a good thing to keep in mind. It’s one example of why irb is
so useful. Rather than combing through documentation all the time,
you can ask the object directly!

You might give this a try:

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