Problem with 'require xmlsimple' in vendor code

Hi there

I’m trying to “require ‘xmlsimple’” in some code that lives in vendor/

I’ve installed the xml-simple gem, and can confirm this at the command
with ‘gem list --local’ which shows I have v.1.0.8 of the gem.

However, when I start up lighttpd I get this:

`require__’: No
such file to load – xmlsimple (MissingSourceFile)

I’ve tried adding in “require ‘rubygems’” before the “require
but to no avail.

The file that requires the xmlsimple gem lives in
which is a hacked version of the Payment credi card processing module so
that it works with another gateway.

My dispatcg.fcgi has this line: require File.dirname(FILE) +

but am not sure if this relevant.

I’ve also added the following line to config/environment.rb:

config.load_paths += %W( #{RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/payment-1.0.1a/lib )

Any clues would be greatly appreciated.