Problem with receiver section in BPSK

Hello everyone,

I tried to implement bpsk system.I am successful with the transmission
but I am able to see the ISI when I am observing the constellation at
transmitter side. I tried to design the receiver side same as the
transmitter but just the opposite way i.e, using block Psk demod and
decoder, but I am not able to get anything on the receiver side. Can
one pls help me wid this.

Anil Gaddam


On any multipath channel there will be some isi. What do you do to
suppress that? What kind of filtering/pulse shaping do you do? Does
matched filtering solve your issue?

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Am 30. Mai 2015 15:12:26 MESZ, schrieb Anil Gaddam
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I don’t understand – are you seeing nothing at all or are you seeing

Again: what’s your pulse shape? Does it fit in your channel bandwidth?
Do you fulfill the Nyquist ISI criteria?

As you know, there’s solid theory in why ISI occurs, why you need to
limit your signal’s bandwidth and how you can counter it. What parts of
these considerations did you address with your transceiver system? You
only say you do bpsk, but doing symbol mapping is only part of the job
that a transceiver needs to do.

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Am 30. Mai 2015 17:53:25 MESZ, schrieb Anil Gaddam
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I’ll reiterate: what do you do tree account for real world channels? You
haven’t told us anything about your transceiver aside from it using

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Am 30. Mai 2015 20:00:51 MESZ, schrieb Anil Gaddam
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