Problem with Rcov and Functional Tests

I’m having a problem with Rcov 0.40 and Rails 1.1.2. When I run all my
tests (unit, functional and integration) with rcov weird things happen
with some but not all of my functional tests. The tests will blow up
with an ‘ActionController::UnknownAction - no action responsed to
my_action’ error. After investigating and adding some print statements,
it turns out that in my WeeklyLineupControllerTest, when I do a ‘get’
or ‘post’ in the test, it actually invokes get or post on another
controller, different from the controller under test, like

I checked and double checked the @controller = line in my setup method. And I run the test
just fine standalone, or as part of running all the tests via the rake
default task. And if I break my rcov tasks out into 3 separate tasks,
one that runs unit tests, another functional, and another integration,
everything runs perfect. The only disadvantage to that is that I can’t
get a total coverage number.

Any help would be appreciated!