Problem with rbwfile in Registry: killed tooltips in FxRuby?


What is the definition of the data item in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
\SOFTWARE\Classes\rbwFile’s “EditFlags” value?

I’m running FxRuby programs on a WinXP/SP2 machine.

I changed the EditFlags’ value from 8 to 0 the other day. That change
solved my problem with being able to right click a .rbw file to get an
Edit selector pointing at the SciTE editor.

I thought perhaps that solution was overkill, because ToolTips are
now disfunctional in FxRuby programs. But I restored the value to 8,
but that didn’t restore the ToolTip functionality.

So the definition of the EditFlags’ value may in fact be immaterial to
the symptom I’m encountering.

Any other ideas,