Problem with pluralization


I’m having a strange problem with pluralization in rails 2.3.8 with Ruby
1.8.7 (2011-12-28 patchlevel 357).

I have Spanish inflection rules, and wanted to add roles to my app. So I
script/generated the Rol (spanish for Role) model and scaffolding
without problem.

However, when accessing the index I get a NameError in Roles#index,

undefined local variable or method `new_rol_path’ for #<ActionView…>

I found that changing the link in the view from
<%= link_to ‘New rol’, new_rol_path %>
<%= link_to ‘New rol’, new_role_path %>

it starts to work. Similar problem also presents for edit_rol_path. The
rules seems to be ok:

new_rol GET /roles/new(.:format) {:controller=>“roles”,
edit_rol GET /roles :id/edit(.:format) {:controller=>“roles”,

Every other aspect of the pluralization seems to be working according
with the custom inflector configuration.

Any ideas?