Problem with permalink URLs on latest trunk (1193)

I’m having a problem with permalinks on the latest trunk (r1193) that
I need help tracking down. I’m pretty sure I know what’s going on, I
just don’t know how to fix it.

The URL for my blog is That displays as when you visit the site. The problem is
that, on the latest trunk, it now gives permalink URLs for articles
and such as… If I click on the
permalink (
for example) I get a page not found error, as expected. If I manually
edit that URL to remove one of the two slashes before articles, then
the page loads fine and all of the permalink URLs (for comments,
trackbacks, etc) are written correctly with a single slash. Looking
at the HTML source, they’re being written using just a path, with no
protocol or host (i.e. path-only set to true).

The categories and tags permalinks still work because the code to
build those URLs (in the articles helper code) seems to use the
path-only = true as well. I have not found the anologous code for
generating the articles permalinks. There are so levels of
abstraction in the article permalink code that I simply have not found
where they’re actually built. Can someone help with this situation?
I don’t remember seeing this situation with svn trunk from a week or
so ago, so this is a relatively new problem. Sorry for the confusing
explanation…I’ve been staring a Rails spaghetti for an hour and am
having trouble stringing together full sentences. :wink:

Jason Burks

I’ve been on vacation a week, and I haven’t had a chance to look over
the change logs yet, but what happens if you go to the admin settings
and strip the trailing ‘/’ off of the ‘cannonical server url’ field?



Hope you enjoyed your vacation!

You’re right, stripping the slash from the canonical server url field
in admin seems to have fixed the issue. When did that field show up
in the admin screen? I don’t remember it being there before…but
then I’ve been known to miss stupid things like that while looking for
a fix in the code. :frowning: