Problem with paginate and conditions



I have a search form that calls search action, which executes paginate
method with many conditions using data from the form.

Now if all results don’t fit into a single page, do i have to send all
conditions again to paginate method in link_to previous/next?
If yes, how? All my parameters from the search form are inside a
(nested) hash called ‘form’ so i tried to do something like this:
@form = params[:form]

and later in the view pass it in
link_to ‘next’, {:page => …, :form => @form}

but i get all parameters in the url one after another
(var1value1var2value2) and not like this: ?var1=value1&var2=value2.

Another thing: if i get a hash from params as controller only variable
form = params[:form]
i can do
but if i get it into @form variable, and try
it throws error about nil object, where array is expected. What’s wrong?


Ok i figured out that it was rather stupid to pass nested hash in url :slight_smile:

But is there a smart way to pass conditions parameters for paginate, so
won’t have to manually pass 5 or more paramters in link_to next/previous
and paginatation_links? Is it possible to somehow cache the sql query,
so it will be reused or something like that?