Problem with naming a field age?


Ok basically I have a search form to search for profiles given certain
parameters. Here’s what I have for part of it

<%= f.label :gender %>
<%= :gender, Profile::GENDERS, :prompt => 'All' %>
<%= f.label :age %>
<%= :age, Profile::AGES, :prompt => 'All' %>

Now the gender field defaults to ‘All’ when you load the page just like
the :prompt says, but for some reason the age field doesn’t contain
‘All’ and defaults to the first value in the array. I can’t figure out
why it’s doing this. Both fields are exactly the same, but the age field
doesn’t have ‘All’ as an option from the :prompt. I have a degree field
that is also the same and works properly. The problem seems to occur
within the :age. If i change it to :something_else it
works fine. Is there some kind of problem with naming a field age maybe?
Thanks for any help because I’m stumped on this one.


Actually disregard that, I figured out why it was doing that. Had
nothing to do with the age field.