Problem with mysql in windows

I installed ruby186-26
and then run this three command in command line…
gem update --system
gem install rails
gem install mongrel

Now i nedd to install mysql and i wish to working with mysql.

but my database.ymal have this kind of think


SQLite version 3.x

gem install sqlite3-ruby (not necessary on OS X Leopard)

adapter: sqlite3
database: db/development.sqlite3
timeout: 5000

Warning: The database defined as “test” will be erased and

re-generated from your development database when you run “rake”.

Do not set this db to the same as development or production.

adapter: sqlite3
database: db/test.sqlite3
timeout: 5000

adapter: sqlite3
database: db/production.sqlite3
timeout: 5000

i am working with php so i have mysql 5 installed on my computer and
also apache

sqlite is better but i am flexible with mysql …

last few days i tried hard for enabling mysql instead of sqlite but

there is a plenty of problem…

can anyone help me please…
i want help for working with mysql…
Can anyone help about the total mysql installation process in ruby and
connecting to database.

Even if you have mysql installed you will need to get the mysql
adapter written in C for rails. By default, rails ships with the
adapter written in ruby. To do this , just execute ’ gem install mysql

Now, for your rails application to use mysql db instead of the default
sqlite3, use the following command,
’ rails <app_name> -d mysql ’

This will configure the rails app to use mysql instead of sqlite3. You
can verify this by checking the ‘database.yml’ file once the app is

Hope this helps.