Problem with multiple insert

I have 2 model:
has_many :company_references

belongs_to :companies
in create form i have multiple entries for references:

i am doing in view like :

<% for j in 0…2 %>

<%= text_field "cr_person_name",j.to_s,:size=>'10' %> <%= text_field "cr_company_name",j.to_s,:size=>'10' %> <%= text_field "cr_relationship",j.to_s,:size=>'10' %> <%= text_field "cr_contact_no",j.to_s,:size=>'10' %> <%= text_field "cr_emailid",j.to_s,:size=>'10' %> <% end%>

and saving them like :
create action:
@company =[:company])
for j in 0…2
@company.company_references <<{“contact_no” =>
“company_name” =>params[“cr_company_name”][j.to_s],
“relationship” =>params[“cr_relationship”][j.to_s],
“emailid” => params[“cr_emailid”][j.to_s],
“person_name” => params[“cr_person_name”][j.to_s],

but i don’t like this method, could anyone suggest best approach

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