Problem with mod rewrite

lo there all

we just kicked off our new server running our new site on rails. We did
this by switching the routing of port 80 to our box serving rails from
the box serving php.

my problem now is that if someone had our site bookmarked, they would
be getting routing errors.
i know that rewrite is the way to go here, but i am really failing to
get it to do what i need

i need to re-route all requests for to /groups/index.rhtml
and to /groups/index.rhtml

actually, if i just re-routed every request for something to my
/groups/index.rhtml file, i would be golden.

could someone tell me how to write this rule, and whether to put it in
my apache virtual host conf, or in the .htaccess of my rails app ?

thanks for any tips,


I don’t think rewrite is necesarilly the way to go. I’d go with
routes.rb in the config directory.


this looks ideal, thanks for the link