Problem with memcpy, marshal, zero


Ruby 1.8.6
Windows XP Pro

In the win32-mmap package I have the code setup such that you can
create a dynamic accessor. Internally, I marshal the value (as a hash)
and copy it to an address via memcpy (wrapped using Win32API). So,
when you do something like this:

mm = => 12, :name => ‘test’)
mm.gvalue = 5
p mm.gvalue # 5

It’s actually doing something like this when you set a value:

h = {“gvalue”=>0}
m = Marshal.dump(h)
p m => “\004\b{\006”\vgvaluei\000"
memcpy(address, marshal, marshal.length)

The problem is that trailing “\000” gets chopped off by the memcpy
function because it treats it like a trailing null as far as I can
tell. So, when I try to load it again the marshal data isn’t
identical, i.e. the trailing “\000” is gone, and I end up getting a
“marshal data too short” error.

What’s the solution here?



What’s the solution here?

At the end of Win32API_Call() I see:

case _T_POINTER:
        return rb_str_new2((char *)ret);

rb_str_new2 does rb_str_new(ptr, strlen(ptr)), so if you’re using
Win32API to return any string with a NULL byte, it’ll get truncated. On
the other hand, I’ve not spotted anything wrt input to suggest NULL is
handled as a delimiter; are you sure the NULL isn’t being copied
properly, but not being returned properly by another call?

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