Problem with making sound card as source

Hi, all

My USRP is on delievering, so I try to do someting with the sound card.

Unfortunately, the integrated AC97 sound card of my pc seem to not work
properly as source.
I connect a mp3 player with the line-in port of sound card with an audio
In a script, the sound card is set to source and connected to a file
so the sampled raw audio is written to a file.
In another script, the raw audio file is set to the source and replayed
the sound card as sink.
But, I hear nothing from my sound card.

The can work making the sound properly, so the sound card as
sink is ok.


Can you record sound in other applications? Have you set the audio
mixer properly?


On Tue, 2006-05-09 at 20:34 +0800, 2 1 wrote:

sink, so the sampled raw audio is written to a file.
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Matt E. [email protected]

Hi, Matt :slight_smile:

I do set the line-in as the record source in the mixer. But I found that
audio recorder app of my FC4 can’t record either. I’m doubt that the
drive of FC4 cannot support the card well. Besides, I tried on 3
machines and all of them failed. They all have a intel integrated sound
card. I’m using gr-audio-alsa.0.3.tar.gz.

Have you ever met this problem before? And do you know how to make the
card well supported under linux?

Thanks a lot.


2006/5/10, Matt E. [email protected]:

I had a similar problem- turned out not to be the hardware.
Run alsamixer and make sure to turn on capture on your line input (with
spacebar) and turn up the volume all the way, then turn on capture on
capture and turn the volume up all the way again. You should then be
getting audio and adjust the volume down to reduce clipping.

Thanks Breett:) I’ve solved this problem by turn on capture item in the
mixer. And I guess that’s why there are many people say that there linux
cannot recording sound.


2006/5/10, Brett L Trotter [email protected]:

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