Problem with Mail gem: bounced and error_status return nil

Hi there!

I must be missing something about Mail gem, bounced? and error_status
don’t work for
me. I have just one message on the server, and it is a bounced e-mail.
So I tried the following:

Mail.defaults do
retriever_method :pop3, { :address => “”,
:port => 995,
:user_name => ‘’,
:password => ‘’,
:enable_ssl => true }

mail = Mail.first # #<Mail::Message:2201530420, Multipart: false,
Headers: <Return-Path: <>>,…
mail.subject # “Delivery Status Notification (Failure)”
mail.bounced? # nil
mail.error_status # nil
mail.diagnostic_code # nil

Shouldn’t “bounced?” return true?

Thanks !