Problem with jekyll

Hi, I know that my topic is not about Ruby, but it has something common.
I’ve got something wrong with my jekyll, after typing however jekyll
command, it outputs following:

`module:Converters’: uninitialized constant Jekyll::Converters::Scss
and after this soma backtrace. I wa trying to google some resolution
for it but I haven’t found anything. Could anyone help me please?

I’ve got Linux Ubuntu Gnome
Ruby version 2.1.2p95

There is a notice at the github repository
GitHub - jekyll/jekyll-sass-converter: A Sass converter for Jekyll. :

Jekyll Sass Converter requires Jekyll 2.0.0 or greater and is bundled
with Jekyll so you don’t need to install it if you’re already using

You are maybe using an older version of jekyll.


$ gem install jekyll-sass-converter

This should resolve the issue with the missing constant.