Problem with instant rails

hi thre i have just started learning ROR (following video tutorial by
VTC) but on the video they were teaching on MAC, i thought i can
follow along on window with instantrails… it was going fine

i got the instantrails set up and yes i can test apps like mycookbook and like so…

so far so good…

but after that when in the video tutorial the guy started creating a
new database for a new project it created in some Mac program so i was
not able to follow exactly on windows

however, i did went in to Phpmyadmin to create the database for it,
now i do not know … how to link that database to my app… (in
the .yml file that is) also the database i had created has table names
that do not end with _development (that’s i think the convention)

however, in the video tutorial… after the guy created the database,
all the schema information automatically got into .yml file of the

i have no idea how to link my app with phpmyadmin…

any ideas what i am doing wrong?

ending with _development is the convention for the NAME of the dev db
not the tables

Create the table in phpmyadmin as you suggest, name the database
something_development. It is then linked to the rails application by
config\database.yml. You will need something in there like:

adapter: mysql
database: something_development
username: username
password: password
host: localhost

where username and password are those configured for mysql in phpmyadmin
the Priviliges link from the phpmyadmin first page). Unless you have
it then username root and no password will probably work.

2009/2/8 stretch [email protected]

Yeah, use the rake tasks

Cheers, Sazima

Another approach. To create the app with mysql in database.yml

rails something -d mysql

Get to the root directory of the app and create the dev db in
specified in database.yml (assuming username and password will work
for the database)

cd something
rake db:create

Then add a posts table

./script/generate model post
rake db:migrate