Problem with http -> https redirect


I have ssl working on my server. When I set all my views to
ssl_allowed in my controller, I can switch the http to https in my
address line, and every page works right.

But when I set all my views to ssl_required, my page goes into an
endless redirect, with this message scrolling through the

Filter chain halted as
@filter=:ensure_proper_protocol>] returned false

Any ideas?


What web server are you using? It’s possible that the headers Rails
uses to determine that a request is SSL are not being set.

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I’m using Apache 2.2, and I have it working ok now. The problem was
that I did not have ssl_required for all the actions in one of my

What happened was that one of the important actions was not under ssl,
and I guess in that case the application keeps trying to redirect to
ssl, but it keeps failing.

Ok for now. Thanks for the response.


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