Problem with gnuradio ubuntu bin package


I’m compltetely new to GNURadio, and wanted to play around with this
of genius to try it, before thinking to buy an USRP or other hardware.

So I just installed the GnuRadio ubuntu meta-package (that installs
dependencies), that is now supposed to work well with python 2.6.
python (<< 2.7), python (>= 2.6)” say the “apt-cache show
But when I tried the dial-tone example, I get one of these error:

ImportError: cannot import name gr (when I try to import gr by “from
gnuradio import gr” on my own script)
Maximum recursion depth exceeded while calling a Python object (on the
line, when I use the example in /usr/share/gnuradio/audio), but this one
working cause I get the dial tone.

What am I doing wrong ? I suppose that even if the second script works,
error is not really “normal”. Is there anything to do to avoid this ?
I install the tarball or SVN version ?

Thank you

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