Problem with custom Mime::Type.register

Hello all,

I’m running into a slight problem with Rails and the respond_to function
in controllers. I’ve registered a custom Mime::Type of application/x-amf
:amf (Mime::Type.register “application/x-amf”, :amf). The problem I’m
having is that the respond_to function never responds to the
application/x-amf content-type.

I think I’ve narrowed it down to the
actionpack/lib/actioncontroller/mime_responds.rb file. If you look at
the “custom” and “render” methods (towards the bottom). the method,
“custom” doesn’t ever put the mime_type into the @mime_type_priority
array. Which causes the “render” method to never try to “respond_to” for
my custom mime type. Does that make sense?

Any help would be greatly appreciated… thanks

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