Problem with Content-Type in Site5

Hi all

I have a weird problem with a radiant extension in site5

I’m using Radiant 0.6.1 an I’m developing some extensions for a car
rental website, i have created some new pages ( Extending radiant page
model ) for managing a post from a form to query the car availability,
all works fine in my local environment.

Here is the problem: the result from the query is OK, the custom page
works fine BUT it’s presented in plain text!, i have used
LiveHTTPHeaders and it’s sending Content-Type: text/plain MIME content
and i don’t know why.

The Layout has the Content-type set to text/html
The Page has the layout set
As i have to override the “process” method in my custom page i use
“super(request, response)” when I’m done

Any clue?