Problem With config.threadsafe!


I am have a ERP app em Ruby on Rails, and i need this aplication allow
concurrency, when a uncomment config.threadsafe! at the first page a get
this error:

ArgumentError (dump format error()): or ArgumentError (dump format
error(x027)): etc…

After this I need comment config.threadsafe! and run a rake
db:session:clear to my app work again.

I saw the command config.threadsafe! do this:

config.preload_frameworks = true
config.cache_classes = true
config.dependency_loading = false
config.allow_concurrency = true

And this error happens when config.preload_frameworks = true is set

Anyone knows if have a problem if a set allow_concurrency
if preload_frameworks = false?


take a look on this link:!msg/rubyonrails-core/AWgxrpnnIcA/WBiQstLYwe0J

and use just:
@allow_concurrency = true

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