Problem with with "--discontinuous"

When I run with “-discontinuous” flag ON, I notice
the following problem:

When the transmitter goes to sleep (for 1 sec), the receiver TIMEOUT
(which is fine).
But then when the txmitter wakes up and sends the next 5 packets, the
receiver consistently does not
receive the first packet (of this set of 5 packets). Occasionally, I see
the rcvr does not
get the first two packets.
So, I think there is some problem when packets are sent after a
period of “lull”
which leads to very first packet (after a TIMEOUT) being lost.

Can anyone think of what could be wrong with the ofdm implementation
which may
lead to this problem?

I am running gnuradio 3.6.2 on USRP N210.

thanks and regards

–Anirudh Sahoo
Advanced Network Technology Div.
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
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Gaithersburg, MD - 20878
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