Problem with belongs_to associations validating associated c

Hi all,

I’m using rails version 1.2.3.

I have the following association in my View class

belongs_to :viewer, :class_name => ‘User’, :foreign_key => :viewer_id

And of course i have a User model class defined to.

The problem was that when i tried to use this association it would
only work once.

At the second try, i would get the following strange error:

ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch : User expected, got User

On a call to:

my_view.viewer = my_user

After a little investigation i found that the problem was related to
this option in the environments/development.rb

config.cache_classes = false

If I changed this option to true, everything would work ok. The
problem is that the associated proxy is caching the associated class,
and if the previous option is set to false on the second request, the will be different from the cached user class object
resulting that the following rails validation will fail:

unless record.is_a?(@reflection.klass)
raise ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch,
“#{@reflection.class_name} expected, got #{record.class}”

(this validation is done on association_proxy.rb)

So, to solve this problem you either set the cache_classes to true or
change the
method to not cache the associated class:

def klass
active_record.send(:compute_type, class_name)

instead of :

def klass
@klass ||= active_record.send(:compute_type, class_name)

Is this a bug in rails?