Problem with AAF using Action Mailer

I’ve got Ferret and AAF working fine in my application. When I create
or modify AR objects, they get indexed just as expected.

However, when I create a model object in my ActionMailer class, it seems
that the index insertion is failing, because the MySQL transaction with
the INSERT gets rolled back.

I don’t get much in the way of error messages or logging. I see the
usual message that the local index will be used, then the log entry from
ferret_create with the appropriate id, e.g.

 ferret_create/update: Item : 1010

But then the very next thing I see is

   SQL (0.009825)   ROLLBACK

Note that if I turn of AAF, this transaction works fine. Also note that
the SQL generated in ActionMailer is identical to that generated in the

I’m assuming that it’s either a permissions issue or that there’s some
AR setup that’s not happening when running my mailer script under

Any help would sure be apprectiated!

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