Problem while using ActionMailer with rails 1.1.6

Hi, all

I am new to rails. While I tried to send email by configuring the
email sending than my application could not started.

My environment.rb is as follows :

Be sure to restart your web server when you modify this file.

Uncomment below to force Rails into production mode when

you don’t control web/app server and can’t set it the proper way

ENV[‘RAILS_ENV’] ||= ‘production’

Specifies gem version of Rails to use when vendor/rails is not


Bootstrap the Rails environment, frameworks, and default

require File.join(File.dirname(FILE), ‘boot’) do |config|

ActionMailer::Base.delivery_method = :sendmail

require ‘0-13-1_cti_instantiation_patch’

Settings in config/environments/* take precedence those specified


Skip frameworks you’re not going to use (only works if using


config.frameworks -= [ :action_web_service, :action_mailer ]

Add additional load paths for your own custom dirs

config.load_paths += %W( #{RAILS_ROOT}/extras )

Force all environments to use the same logger level

(by default production uses :info, the others :debug)

config.log_level = :debug

Use the database for sessions instead of the file system

(create the session table with ‘rake db:sessions:create’)

config.action_controller.session_store = :active_record_store

Use SQL instead of Active Record’s schema dumper when creating the

test database.

This is necessary if your schema can’t be completely dumped by the

schema dumper,

like if you have constraints or database-specific column types

config.active_record.schema_format = :sql

Activate observers that should always be running

config.active_record.observers = :cacher, :garbage_collector

Make Active Record use UTC-base instead of local time

config.active_record.default_timezone = :utc

See Rails::Configuration for more options


Add new inflection rules using the following format

(all these examples are active by default):

Inflector.inflections do |inflect|

inflect.plural /^(ox)$/i, ‘\1en’

inflect.singular /^(ox)en/i, ‘\1’

inflect.irregular ‘person’, ‘people’

inflect.uncountable %w( fish sheep )


Include your application configuration below

ActionMailer::Base.smtp_settings = {
:address => “”,
:port => 465,
:user_name => “[email protected]”,
:password => “pass”,
:authentication => :login

when i write to run application on console : ruby script/server

Got the message on console and application could not started.

Pls, help me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.