Problem using XCVR2450 with

Hey all,

I am using two XCVR2450 transceivers(one as transmitter and one as
receiver). When I use only the receiver using -RB , i see
environment noise level is -50dB. when I use $ -TA
-f2.45e9 as
transmitter in one shell script and $ -RB -f2.45e9 as receiver in
another shell script ; the environment signal level(noise) decreases to
-80dB and I see the transmitted signal as a spike with range -80dB to
When i use modulation like $ -f2.45e9 -w1e6, i expect to
see a
signal at 2.45GHz-1MHz and 2.45GHz+1MHz ; however, i see only the peak

So there are two problems, the signal level is decreasing and i didnot
effect of modulations. When I use RFX2400 instead of XCVR2450 as
while the transmitter is still one of the XCVR2450 Daughterboards, then
problems are solved.So, this problem seems specific to XCVR2450
daughterboard(when it is used as reciever).

So, has anyone got such a problem with XCVR2450 daughterboard before?
If so what can be done to correct it? - Thanks