Problem using github gem on Windows 7

Hi all,

I’m new to this and trying to set up my dev environment on a
Window 7 x64 machine.

I used the latest version of RailsInstaller to start with.

I’m running into a problem using the github gem. When I try ‘gh
create-from-local’, I get:
“You must ‘gem install win32-open3’ to use the github command on

However, when I try ‘gem install win32-open3’, I get:
“ERROR: Error installing win32-open3:
win32-open3 requires Ruby version < 1.9.0.”

Googling has led me to believe that open3 is already baked into Ruby
1.9.2, which is what I’m using.

Is this just an issue of the github gem being out of date (I’m using
0.6.2), or am I doing something wrong?


On Oct 23, 9:20am, “Joshua H.” [email protected] wrote:


Seems you’re not doing anything wrong.

Please report the issue to the GitHub gem repository:

Windows is not the most tested platform for a lot of Ruby code.

Luis L.