Problem Using Excel OLE, Solved

I’m posting this just in case anyone else runs into the same problem and
cannot figure out why theirs is not working even though excel starts up
just find on their computer. I found nothing on Google.

Found a problem trying to use WIN32OLE to automate excel.

irb(main):006:0> xl =‘Excel.Application’)
WIN32OLERuntimeError: unknown OLE server: Excel.Application' HRESULT error code:0x800401f3 Invalid class string from (irb):6:ininitialize’
from (irb):6:in `new’
from (irb):6
from :heart::0

Using Windows 7 64bit
Problem is that I used the DOWNLOADED Office 2010 from Microsoft’s site.
Would open/edit excel spreadsheets just fine, even edit macros with
Visual Basic. But would not work using the OLE lib and Ruby.

Once I re-installed office 2010 from a CD (same version, used same CD
key) The command worked fine and I could access Excel OLE via IRB.