Problem updating firmware on SD card


I am trying to update the firmware on the SD card per the instructions

I’ve downloaded all the firmware to my PC, and put the SD card from the
USRP2 into my PC. I am using Windows XP. My PC tells me its not
formatted so I can’t see what is on it. I did not reformat it as windows
suggested. However, when I run the, it does not
recognize the device when it scans for it. I tried ‘rescan for devices’,
but that did not work. I then manually entered the path to the SD card
in the Raw Device and clicked ‘Burn SD Card’. However, this gave me
various errors that there was not a file system: Error opening output
file 1005.

Do I need to format the SD card? I am hesitant to do so. Is there
something I am doing wrong?

Thanks for any help.

-Sam K.

If it helps to some degree, this is what it is supposed to look like:
You dont need to format the card, does it at least show up as a drive
letter in my computer?

I have seen the app work on XP and 7, and been informed of vista. I
dont know how to make windows behave. Its such a headache.

Do me a favor and download dd for windows, and run dd.exe --list with
your card in and post the output.


Since this is the gnuradio mailing list. I am compelled to list the
following open source alternatives:
gnuradio + gnuradio companion for graphical creation of a realtime or
simulation block diagrams
python + scipy for plots, graphs, scripting, vector and matrix

Hi Josh,

Thanks a lot for the screen cap. Windows was recognizing the SD card as
D:, but from your screen cap, I tried entering it as \.\D:, and the
burn was successful.



maybe you can help me. I am trying to update the firmware too. I am
using Windows XP SP3 and the same instructions from Mathworks, but
everytime when I try to launch the I got the
following error message:

File “”, line1

SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Thanks for any help.


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