Problem searching with special characters

I’m using Ferret on a Swedish website and I get some unexpected
behaviour on searches containing the swedish charchters åäö.

An exampel, if I index a string “Varför fungerar det inte” (“Why doesnt
it work” in swedish) and search for “för” I’ll get one (1) match. The
expected behaviour would be no matches since ‘för’ is part of the word

And if I do a search for “varfö*” it returns no matches. Expecting one.

My guess is that it has something to do with the UTF-8 encoding but I
can’t seem to figure out exactly what is is…

I’m using the StandardAnalyzer b.t.w.

Any ideas?



Hi David,

Are you using Windows? Ferret on Windows won’t handle UTF-8
unfortunately. If not, could you check your locale? “puts
Ferret.locale”. You can try setting the locale too. Let me know if you
are still having problems.



Did you find a solution? - I have the same problem but with danish.