Problem receiving packetized data with QPSK and higher modulations using

Hello all,

I am having a problem receiving packetized data with the
file. For reference I am not using the file, I created
my own transmit file in which transmits packetized data. When the
modulation BPSK is transmitted, it is received with the
file with 100% success rate, although when I try to use any higher class
modulation, QPSK, 8PSK and so on, no packets are shown to be received. I
am using two X300’s with the newest version of GNU radio. I have tried
my best to trace through the and associated files to
find what happens to the modulations to get them packetized, but to no
success. I will continue my search. Attached I have my transmit file in
which I have successfully transmitted and received packets using the as the receive file.

Brendan Sheaffer