Problem (probably newbie) with install (openssl)


Please can someone help. I’m trying to install Ruby (1.8.3, just
downloaded), and it appears to compile and install just fine. But if I

find /usr/local/lib/ruby -name “ssl


I don’t see the openssl extension. I have openssl installed (Suse 9.3,
both the openssl and the openssl-dev rpms), and nothing in “configure”
seems to be looking for openssl.

A co-worker, with 1.8.2, has /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/openssl (and
various subdirectories).

It’s critical I have these (afaik), as I need to write a client to make
a secure connection.

The openssl package exists in the ruby source (under the ext

What am I missing?


To clarify I did:
make install
as in the README.

Searching the archives I see a reference to “ruby extconf.rb”, but that
doesn’t seem to exist in 1.8.3…

ok, i needed to explicitly set --with-openssl-dir=…

sorry for the noise,

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