Problem populating table using rake db:fixtures:load

I’m running Rails 3 and I’m trying to populate a table using rake
db:fixtures:load, and I’m getting a “Could not find” file error.

The table is called stores, and I’ve confirmed that it exists, and the
data is in stores.yml in my test/fixtures directory. The command I’m
running is rake db:fixtures:load FIXTURES=stores.

The error message says that the file “st.yml” (i.e., not stores.yml)
can’t be found. If I save the data as st.yml and rerun the command I
get a different error:

SQLite3::SQLException: no such table: st: DELETE FROM “st” WHERE 1=1

Thanks for any suggestions.

I discovered that Rails 3 apparently needs the whole file name
specified, i.e., it should be FIXTURES=stores.yml