Problem passing parameters to webservice from rails


I’ve a problem passing parameters calling a webservice (made with PHP)
from rails.

My application does many calls to webservices. They can be done with any
programming languages (it maybe transparent) and also they can be SOAP
or REST.

In this explain of my problem, I want to call a WS Funtion ‘Login’ in
the WS at ‘http://url_ws’ that has a parameter that its name is ‘user’
and its value is ‘myuser1’.

When I made a call to SOAP WS from RAILS (gem SOAP4R), my application
does :

  wsdl = 'http://url_ws?wsdl'
  driver =
  xmlout = driver.login({:user => 'myuser1'}).Return

If the WSServer (http://url_ws) is made in JAVA the parameters passing
is ok.
example in JAVA Server:
funcion login(user)
puts user # user=‘myuser1’

But if the WSserver (http://url_ws) is made in PHP the parameters
passing is NOT OK. The value of the parameters in the WS is the name &
example in PHP Server:
funcion login($user)
puts $user # $user=‘usermyuser1’

Anybody know what is happend? Is a problem from RAILS or is a problem
from PHP?
Anybody has any solution?


On 14 Aug 2009, at 12:23, Rafa C. wrote:

Well it’s (thankfully) a long time since i’ve used soap from rails
but when we did I’m pretty sure that we didn’t used named arguments
like that - we’d just do driver.login(‘myuser1’)