Problem on enpanding array?


i wrote a little class for thread-pools, but there is a problem
expanding args on a method-call.

def new_thread(*args, &action)

wait until a slot in the pool is free

start thread

threads << {*args) }

In the block (which is the “work to do in the thread”) the args
should be available with |arg1, arg2, …|, but the aren’t. They
are still in one array (args).

Any ideas what’s going wrong?

best regards,

On Fri, 11 Aug 2006 17:32:27 +0900, Matthias Ludwig wrote:

threads << {*args) }
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Works for me:

def new_thread(*args, &action)

start thread

$threads << {*args) }

new_thread(7,“Hello”) {|n,m| n.times{sleep 1; puts m}}

sleep 10

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