Problem of frame synchronization

Hi all,
I am designing a QPSK transceiver using chunks to symbols and
decoder I have done the timing synchronization and carrier phase
synchronization at receiver but I have some delay in my received data
at the start I have some garbage values
and then original data is started so I want to remove this delay please
help me how can I remove this delay I have searched to find some grc
for frame synchronization but I have not succeeded.
I have worked on many blocks like simple for frame synchronization

  1. framer and simple correlator
  2. GLFSR source and PN correlator
  3. Header/payload demux and stream to taged stream block
  4. packet encoder and decoder

but I cannot used these successfully reasons are because I have no much
experience in GNU Radio or may be these blocks are not
designed for frame synchronization and frame delays

GRC pictures are attached of my trancseiver and header payload demux
method of frame synchronization

any help will be nuch appreciated

best regards,
Irfan U.