Problem Making and Installing New Block

I’m trying to write a new block called howto_file_modulator_f to be used
in gnu radio. I’m new to programming using autotools and I believe this
is where I’m having problems. I found a tutorial for writing a new
block here: I am
also using “How to Write a Signal Processing Block” article on the Gnu
Radio site. I’m using Gnu Radio version 3.0.4 on a machine running
Fedora 7.

So first I extracted the tar file into my home directory
/home/franklin/gr-howto-write-a-block-3.0.4/. I will call this topdir.
I wrote the c++ .h and .cc files and put them in the topdir/src/lib
folder. I modified the howto.i file by putting “#include
“howto_file_modulator_f.h”” in the include section and added this at the
end of the file:


howto_file_modulator_f_sptr howto_make_file_modulator_f ();

I also added a class declaration with the public member functions, the
private constructor, and public destructor.

Then I modifed topdir/src/lib/
was added to _howto_la_SOURCES list. howto_file_modulator_f.h was added
to the grinclude_HEADERS list.

topdir/ and topdir/src/python/ were not modified. was left alone because I was still installing everything
under the howto module. The last was not modified because I
haven’t created any quality assurance test code yet.

./configure still seems to work find but I get a long list of errors
when I try to make the block. I have attached a file with the command
line output.

Any idea on what I forgot to do or didn’t do right? I can send the c++
code if it will be helpful in trouble shooting this.