Problem installing Gems


I’m on a laptop Acer Aspire 5100 64 bits using Ubuntu Linux 6.04 64 bits
When I try to install rubygems 0.9.2, I get the following output at the

    from /home/felipe/Desktop/rubygems-0.9.2/./post-install.rb:81:in

require' from /home/felipe/Desktop/rubygems-0.9.2/./post-install.rb:81:ininstall_sources’
try_run_hook' from setup.rb:584:inrun_hook’
from setup.rb:1322:in exec_task_traverse' from setup.rb:1175:inexec_install’
from setup.rb:894:in exec_install' from setup.rb:712:ininvoke’
from setup.rb:681:in `invoke’
from setup.rb:1359

It seems like it’s no

Sorry, continuing…

It seems like it’s not finding a zlib module, but all zlibs modules are
installed here, accordingly to my synaptic.

Has anyone faced the same problem?



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