Problem: Installing Curb in Mac OS Leopard

Hello everyone

I´m trying to install Curb in Mac OSX Leopard, but I get a
rake install error when you perform the following

port install curl

gem update

gem install curb

So far so good but at the time of rake install in the PATH

rake install

  1. Error:
    Curl::Err::PartialFileError: Transferred a partial file
    ./tests/tc_curl_easy.rb:568:in perform' ./tests/tc_curl_easy.rb:568:intest_head_accessor’

97 tests, 411 assertions, 0 failures, 1 errors
rake aborted!
Command failed with status (1):

Also try directing

#rake install EXTCONF_OPTS=’–with-curl-lib=/usr/local/lib/’

But just the same mistake.
Hopefully someone has a clue.

Excuse me my English.


Try either of these:

gem install --remote rake


apt-get install rake (I believe OSX uses the apt pkg manager?)

Do you get the same errors?